Our History

The Block of Art began in 2007 as a grass roots effort to bring an arts event to downtown Pottsville, a historic town in eastern Pennsylvania about two hours northwest of Philadelphia.

In the first year the Block of Art brought together artists, businesses and the county library on a single block to welcome the people of Schuylkill County to experience art and culture over three days in April. The event has grown each year since. The original audience of 300 people viewed 75 pieces of art from 30 artists in 3 venues.

See “Beginning” of Block of Art to see how it all began.

In 2013, the Block of Art had 434 registered guests from 77 zip codes. The event has become more wide reaching and inclusive each year. As many as 800 plus see the event each year.


To showcase fine arts and make them accessible to all of Schuylkill County and beyond.


The mission of the Block of Art is to create a premier arts event that:

  • Cultivates artists and promotes creativity
  • Makes the arts accessible to all
  • And nurtures growth in our community


  • It is important for all the public to have access to fine arts therefore the galleries in the Block of Art will always be open free of charge to the public.
  • All artists should have the chance to display their art, therefore artists will not be charged to enter their art in the Block of Art unless there is a separate juried show within the Block of Art for which fees may be charged.
  • Block of Art will not censor art work for nudity, or religious, political, or sexual content, but the Organizing Committee has the right to select an appropriate location for the art.
  • No verbal solicitation or political statements are allowed by any participant. A centrally located space will be available for artistsĀ“ business cards and event literature.
  • It is the intention that the community in the area surrounding the Block of Art be as involved as possible in the Block of Art.